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·        Yoga Prana Vidya is a SOURCE to recover your strength and refuel your vitality! 
It is very easy, highly effective & is based on the basic concept 
that can be easily learned and implement by everyone.

·        Yoga Prana Vidya teaches us how to balance various factors of life,  
through the use of energy, without touching the body.

·        Yoga Prana Vidya is a science. 
 It is based on natural laws which most of the people are not aware off

·        Yoga Prana Vidya is known in all cultures and it is an old - thousands of years - knowledge.

·        Yoga Prana Vidya Teachings & Trainings are given all around the world.

Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya is a system to Balance our Energy!
The goal is to increase the Entire Body’s Vitality and Life Energy.


·        Living Energy serves the body to maintain its vital functions.
It gives LIFE to the body!

·        We speak about "bio-energy" which means: "Living Energy".

·        In "old" times this knowledge was taught only after years of spiritual practices 
         and training of the aspirant - from the "Master" to the students.

·        Physicist’s experimental work speaks about Bio-Plasma when they describe prana.   
         Plasma – is the fourth state of matter.

When we speak of the pranic body (Bio-plasma-body/energy field/aura), 
we speak of a barely visible physical living body. 
The aura pervades the visible physical body and extends beyond it.
The state of the energy body can be actively shaped by every person.

·        At Ancient period of time, Yoga Prana Vidya it was mostly practiced in secret schools, 
         and was also known as the Light Body.

·        Exercise, nutrition, respiration, the correct alternation of tension and relaxation, 
     thinking, feeling, meditation, etc. affecting this power of Energy that is available to us.

·        This system contributes knowledge of many traditional cultures, such as the Indian, Chinese,   
         Egyptian, shamanic tradition, but also the Christian healing prayer, the healing practices 
         of the Rosicrucian, the spirit of healing and others.

Prana is the name given by the Yogi Philosophers to

no matter what method is used or who uses it ...’

-Extracted from The Science of Psychic Healing,
by Yogi Ramacharaka, © 1906 page 10

Yoga Prana Vidya Courses:

·        LEVEL I - Learn ENERGY BASICS of Health to increase your WELL-BEING

·        LEVEL II - Learn Advanced techniques through the use of the power of colors

·        LEVEL III - Learn with the new techniques How to maintain Mental and Emotional    
         hygiene,  Remove unwanted energies and fills again with healthy, fresh & radiant energy

·        LEVEL IV, Energetic Defense – The Knowledge and Methods
          that will help you not to be easily influenced by external energies, thoughts and emotions.

·        LEVEL V, Using Crystals - can direct, increase & transfer various subtle energies 
          to body and environment 

·        BPW : The Brain Power Workout - Is an exciting alternative exercise about 
          how to give power  to the Brain, which can improve the quality of your life 
          & also of your family members in all areas.

          Increase the ability to find the "light" within, to feel and radiating it. Ignite your Soul!

          Spiritual practice on ‘The Path to Arhatship’ can enormously accelerate the      
          spiritual development as also the development of the body, mind and soul!

           Transform Your Business, your Life & soul!
           Learn this fascinating workshop on Materialization techniques that can give YOU 
           the understanding on how to create your life!

           Understand the esoteric perspective dynamics of your business!
           In one day you can learn this ancient wisdom to integrate into the modern life!

Yoga Prana Vidya Level I

In Level 1

·        you are trained in the basic techniques of Yoga Prana Vidya
·        Learn ENERGY BASICS of Health to increase your WELL-BEING
·        Activate your REGENERATION AND POWER
·        Expand your QUALITY OF LIFE
·        Learn about the energy anatomy

This method uses the knowledge about the existence of the Energy Body and the Vital Life force that surrounds and permeates the physical body.

It allows you to change your life through the understanding of energy.
You will learn the basic knowledge about the energy body, that gives you the opportunity to gain a holistic understanding and a broad scope of the world of energy.

The improvement comes from the application of techniques and protocols through the use of energy, chi or prana needed to strengthen the different components of the physical body and the whole energy system.

What you can learn in two days?

·        How to feel the subtle energy,  as the different "layers" of the energy body and other nuances of the subtle energy can be evaluated
·        Fast & accurate detection of areas in which the energy of a person is impaired or where "energy blockages" occur - As all these are removed -
·        Learn how fresh vital life force is transmitted to our system
·        Inner calmness & silence achieved through invocation, prayer and meditation
·        Use the power of yogic breathing or Pranayama
·        Use easy physical exercises to improve your energy condition
·        Practical application of the energy for different every day needs
·        Activate your skills to energetic regenerate yourself & others
·        Learn lifelong tools to increase your well-being daily

This workshop will be held in 2 days or 16 hours.
The information is transmitted in a simple and clear way.
Anyone who is interested can participate in this workshop.
The goal is to be able to use the skills we learned immediately!

Yoga Prana Vidya Level II

Level II
·        Is for all those who feel the need for a broader understanding of energy and its use, as taught in 

Level I
·        Is for all those who like to learn MORE about the science of contactless power application

·        Gives the practitioner advanced techniques which professionalize their skills, 
through the use of color power application

·        Releases and changes all energy blockages and imbalances very quickly - 
This allows the energy field of the patient to transform and revitalize.

·        Advanced techniques that help the practitioners to accurately perceive & deeper understand 
the functions of the energy field & energy centers, 
as well as the different parts and organs of the body.

·        Practitioners also learn the use of spiritual "healing" invocative applications and 
the ancient Divine healing techniques. 

Regular spiritual practice gives the practitioner a sharp, clear mind which helps him/her:
- to clarify its intention
- to create the right vibration of the subtle energies and transfer
the right shade of color and amount of the
color that they wish to transfer -
- Transferred energy through the use of colors can be used to increase the Vibration of 
the energy field, the energy centers or a particular area of the person’s life.

Level II opens the door to the diversity!

During the 2-day workshop, more basic concepts are developed. Understanding the High potencies and the power of energy through the use of colors, allows the practitioner to increase and strengthen its capabilities.

These Teachings go back to the ancient Egyptians in the Yellow Empire around 2400 BC, to the Babylonians, the Romans, and in the time of the Greek physicist Galen, Aristotle and his student Avicenna, the Swiss physicist Paracelsus, to towards the first Chromo-therapist Edwin D. Babbitt, who with his 1878 book, ‘The Principle of Color and Light’ and the great masters of the 20th century, who have opened the doors to a new world of the energy application.

This workshop is an extension of YPV Level I.

This knowledge can be effectively and successfully implemented immediately.

Workshop Duration: 2 days or 16 hours
Requirements for participation: YPV Level I

Yoga Prana Vidya Level III

Level III Gives the practitioner

·        The opportunity to learn & understand about the emotional and mental aspect of their patients
         Thinking and feeling is closely connected with the health and the vitality of a person.
·        To understand how a person thinks and feels and whether it is affected by unwanted energies.
·        Advanced tools to discover (sensing) of disturbing, negative thought forms, and other negative  
         energy influences.  Negative, unwanted energies are extracted very quickly through the 
         application of these new methods.
·       How to maintain our Mental and Emotional hygiene
·       To see clearly the way someone acts in daily life: stress, irritation, anger, discontent, worry,  
         depression, panic,the inability to handle difficult situations & also how a person interpreting   
         the reactions of other people.
         These reactions Shapes the person emotionally, as seen from the energy side, and gives the 
         form in which a person lives out their feelings in everyday life.
         It also Gives an expression of his/her own Energy Field
         If negative, unwanted energies cloud the perception of a person, then    
         there will be unhealthy reactions

·        to recognize:
          - negative, unwanted energies
          - negative thought forms
          - elementals & energy entities that affecting the perception of the     
·        Very quickly, to recognize & have deeper understanding of the actions & 
          factors that all these affects the emotional and mental state of their patients.

When someone is affected by negative energies, often feels sick, uncomfortable and have little energy, because the flow of energy in the energy field stops. This often causes a blockage and no-correct behavior.
With the new techniques learned in Level III, unwanted energies can be erased and the patient fills again with healthy, fresh & radiant energy.

Workshop Duration: 8-10 hours or 1.5 days
Requirements for participation: Yoga Prana Vidya Level II

Yoga Prana Vidya Level IV - Energetic Defense

Have you ever experienced:

·        You feel tired or exhausted after talking with another person?

·        That you had the feeling that statements or thoughts of another person all of a sudden change your own interests?

·        That you felt sad or depressed after you spent time with a person that was in this mood?

Some people are very sensitive to energetic disturbances; some others experience discomfort, but cannot identify the cause.

Energetic defense that time may be necessary for the person, their family, business, projects and also relationships.

We live in a world of thoughts and feelings.
Thoughts and feelings are subtle and flexible.
Thoughts and feelings are perceived by everyone but are not really measurable.

Every day we are in contact with other human beings and therefore very easily and quickly this can lead to energetic stress and discomfort results.

Level IV - Energetic Defense

Acquire Knowledge and Methods that will help you not to be easily influenced by external energies, thoughts and emotions.

Yoga Prana Vidya Level Level V - Using Crystals

·        are BEAUTIFUL & MAGNETIC!
·        use can improve your life!
·        can be used to support regeneration,
Distant application for our projects & patients for the energetic charge of the office, business, home & other places and for many other purposes!
·        can direct, increase & transfer various subtle energies to body and environment

Level V Learn

·        uses the power of crystals for faster removal of used up or depleted energy from the energy field. Another focus in training is given to the knowledge of the cleaning of crystals.
·        which crystal increases your magnetic force & when to use and carry them. Find out how to choose the right crystal and how to identify right one’s size, color and pattern. This is important to know when you are buying a new crystal. Learn to select proper crystals and to recognize and understand the differences in their nature & quality.

Historically, thousands of years, the knowledge about crystals were used for countless different of purposes. Crystals can also be used to apply & transmit at distance, as also to work energetically in outer space e.g. in your garden. Many other opportunities exist with crystals.

Only 1.5 days, you reach the ability to direct the energy of your crystals and learn to assist the physical body and your environment by directing the energies of crystals.

Workshop Duration: 1.5 days
Prerequisite: YPV Level II

Yoga Prana Vidya - BPW : The Brain Power Workout

The Brain Power Workout
A very fast, effective method that uses the meridians, acupuncture points & yogic breaths to stimulate the brain. A series of simple exercises for people aged 5-99 years will be developed together here.
The workshop "The Brain Power Workout" is about how to give power to the Brain.

The Brain Power Workout ‘STIMULATES

·        Weak performance?
·        Difficulties in concentration?
·        Bad grades?
·        Learning disabilities, dyslexia or other weaknesses?
·        Are the aging parents sometimes forgetful - and perhaps already unable to pay the bills at the 
          right time?
·        Do your kids having bad performance at school?

If these or similar conditions concern your life, then this workshop will enhance the quality of your life and all your family members!


·        Parents and teachers of children with ADD!
·        Parents and teachers of children with difficulties in learning and concentration!
·        Adults with a lack of concentration and memory!
·        Students wishing to learn fast & produce high performance!
·        People who have test anxiety!
·        Employees who wish to have fast and effective results!
·        Managers who are looking for more balance and stronger Inner Brain Power for taking good 
          And many more...


·        Is an exciting alternative exercise, which can improve the
          quality of your life & also of your family members in all these areas.

·        The brain can be easily activated in just 2 minutes by ‘The Brain Boosting Exercise’! It is so 
          simple that it can be applied also by a child!

·        It improves the memory’s performance, enables faster learning, sharpens the mind and our 
          mental abilities and helps everyone to fully develop their abilities.

·        In just a few minutes The Brain Boosting Exercise’ Synchronizes and Balancing the two 
         Hemispheres of the Brain and increases the ability to think quickly. In just this 2 ½ hour 
         workshop, you will have mental strength simply by stimulating & increasing the ability to think 
         clearer. Your confidence becomes stronger!

·        Is Giving your Brain the "muscle" it needs... you can "turn on" your brain and have a perfect 
          performance in your life!

·        Is very EASY! and It can be performed anywhere!

·        You can practice it every day with no special clothing ... 
but please take off your high heel shoes...

·        ‘The Brain Boosting Exercise’ brings positive results:
- for people in all jobs where high concentration is required,
clear or sharp mind and the need for speed results.
You can apply this simple yogic exercise in the office, at home, 
outside in a park, at the gym, etc...

·        It is for All! children, teenagers or adults on education, and produce positive results for their  
          learning and studying.

For students, we recommend to use up to three times daily, 
so to achieve a maximum improvement to their performances in a short period of  time.

Yoga Prana Vidya - AWLY I - II
Awaken the Light Within You - Level I & II

Immersion in the world of Spirituality
Pray and Meditate for World Peace!
Ignite your Soul!

            Pray and Meditate for World Peace!

·        Do you wish to achieve a state of calm, tranquility and peace?
·        Have you ever wondered how you could escape from the daily emotional Up & Down's?
·        Have you ever been wishing all directed Negative thoughts patterns -- Repeating against yourself or others simply turn off?
·        How the wish to live our lives harmonious with more peace can be fulfilled?
·         The first level of "Awaken the Light Within You" is connecting with the ability to find the "light" within, to feel and radiating it.

Ignite your Soul!

·        When you reach a state of silence, then a moment comes that you can merge with your soul!
·        When that moment happens, you could metaphorically describe it as a "walking through" a gate in the Heaven.
In Level II you learn, among other things, how to find this gate and passes through.



Spiritual practice on
The Path to Arhatship can enormously accelerate the spiritual development and the development of body, mind and soul!

The word "Arhat" is a very old term meaning:
Holy, Paramahansa, Wali or Advanced soul.

·        Practitioners who choose the wisdom of this compassionate way of Universal Knowledge, will 
          experience a high amount of spiritual energy through the practice of this Yoga system.
          Therefore, if a practitioner systematic practices these    
          Techniques learned in the workshop, the soul’s development can
           bring him/her on the way to Arhatship.

·        Practitioners who decide this "path" of development and proceed with regular practice, can 
          perceive a high amounts (down-flow) of Divine energy. Finally the practitioner who commit to 
          regular spiritual practice (in the Indian language called as ‘Sadhana’) 
          is receiving irrefutable evidence!


·        This Spiritual Yoga system accelerates the development of body, mind and soul.
·        It comes to the transformation of the inner pain to inner peace, happiness and reconciliation
·        Understanding that your worldly problems are not permanent and can therefore situations can 
         be handled faster and easier
They develop a strength that helps them to cope with everyday life and daily challenges

·        You will learn inner serenity and consider life from a higher vantage point
·        After a period of regular practice, there will be many different perceptions, insights, 
          impressions and results.
·        You feel things what the other call difficult and intractable, as simple.
·        Practitioners can recognize that temporal events and events, will never be permanent and thus 
         can deal easier with the illusions of the earthly life.

This realization provides to the practitioner a deeper level of understanding and acceptance of the surrounding Situations and people that meets. As a result, he/she may also arrange the daily life in a completely different way!

·        Practitioners can also perceive naturally a greater appreciation for all the abundance that occurs 
          in their lives, and they can feel the inner desire to help other people - in their quest for peace 
          and happiness!

·        Finally, practitioners reach at a state of Inner Silence,
         Experiencing Peace, and reduces all the emotional turmoil, chaos & stress. 
         This causes a higher degree of Flow at all levels of life.

Condition to participate: 

Yoga Prana Vidya I
Or participating in The Technology of Feeling Subtle Energy

Workshop Duration: 2.5 days

Kriya Shakti - Materialization Using Thought Power!

Be Empowered! Transform Your Business, your Life & soul!

Most people would love to be able to come true
their desires, goals and aspirations

- Do you already have everything you want in your life?
- Would you like a new car?
- Do you want to buy a new house?
- Do you want to have a better-paid job?
- You would like a pay rise?
- Do you want a great life partner?
- Would you like your children to be able to attend a particular school?

·        Learn how to remove the interior resistances and thus to be open to greater success!
·        This is "materialization using the power of thought"!
·        It will teach you simple techniques that will allow you in this life your wishes, dreams and desires materialize!
·        This is the "ART OF TUNING LIFE!"
·        This short workshop originated from many ancient traditions, as well as techniques from different sources
·        Bring the qualities of joy, happiness and greatness success in your life every day more and more!
·        You can use the power of mind to develop the ability to create and manifest your goals and aspirations. This happens if you know how to systematically follow a series of simple steps to achieve your goals quickly!
·        Allow your life to be fulfilled!
It is YOU! With the (Sat) - the power, (Chit)-creative Intelligence and (Ananda)-Love, increase and steer your life.
·        Your thoughts are VERY powerful!
Learn this fascinating workshop on Materialization techniques that can give YOU the understanding on how to create your life!

Energy Technology for Business Management

Understand the esoteric perspective dynamics of your business!
This unique workshop
allows the practitioner to move from traditional approaches to new business changes.

In one day you can learn
this ancient wisdom to integrate into the modern life!

·        How Energy is influencing our Life, and its Transformative Power!
·        Develop special sensitivity and increased intuition, by which you can look out over the edge of 
          the impossible.
 ·        Through the use of ‘The Energy Technology for Business’
          the ability of doing Business from the energetic aspect - it supports to see clearly the   
          obstacles, which are mostly often not even recognized.
 ·       What time is the best for a new business, when to start a new business, 
          new branch, new project.
·        When to put intense focus on planning, strategy, marketing, contracting and other
·         In which period of the year is perfect  for getting married or not
·        What is the best time to find a new home
·        Meditation for outstanding success
·        Use of esoteric laws to increase the amount of your profit!
·        Planning with the proper energy to achieve the flow of greater benefits!
·        To Use time more efficiently and get more free time!
·        To Increase inner strength rapidly
·        Remove stress energy and energize your mind and body!
·        This skillful means to improve and remove the working pressure!
·        Among other things, you can use the Qabalistic cycles help you to achieve quick results.

The Energy Based Treatments & Trainings.
Holistic Healing Department, 
Westfort Hospital Group, Thrissur-4, Kerala-India.
Trainer/Consultant: Ranjith.N.K.,  Mob. (91) 9388259586.